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What is No Video Signal Blue? (2021)

9 x A7 Cyanotype prints


‘What is No Video Signal Blue?’ is an experimental photographic exploration of colour, and why things are the way they are. 


Inspired by American Digital Artist, Andrew Norman Wilson and his 2011 Video ‘Why is the No Video Signal Blue? Or, Color is No Longer Separable From Form, and the Collective Joins the Brightness Confound.’. The video shows a persistent witch-hunt into the curiosity of the blue screen which can be viewed via this link (


The work is an inquisitive response into that puzzling, sometimes infuriating, digital display. 

A 3 x 3 grid of cyanotype prints in varying blue hues. 

After we have asked the question; why is no video signal blue? we can surely ask, 'What is No Video Signal Blue?' And, if it can't be explained, does it really matter anyway?


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