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Connected (2021)

Digital Artwork 404cm

"We are accustomed to online interfaces and the rituals asked of us behind the performance of the computer. The poised index finger has become an ample representation of our curiosity, a pixelated version of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, but instead of pointing to a God in the skies, the digit now hovers through the screen looking for items and information to fulfil our desires." - Lauren Mason - Browsing the Web for Darkroom Equipment video.

The hands as depicted in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam are of the most famous hands I can fathom. During the worldwide pandemic of 2020 these hands were spread across the internet as a humorous representation of our no-touch, socially distant year. 

Connected is a 4m length digital artwork displaying a conga line of appropriated representations of the hand details, as taken from the many Creation of Adam artworks that can be found online.  From painted fresco to colour pixels, the screenshots bond together. Each outstretched digit extends just enough for the electric current of the internet to pass along.


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