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Lain (2020)

This set of self-portraits were made with regards to the charity Tender, an arts and education charity committed to preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence in young people. 

In a response too ‘tenderness’, the photographs display some ideas around presenting what appropriate, or inappropriate, situations, representing relationships, may look like. In an attempt to present comfort, or something lesser so, I chose to position myself on differing terrains as a representation of choice in where we rest our heads. This could be both in a literal way, with a partner, or in the simplicity of who we trust and choose to invest our time and emotions with. 


Some of the images display what could be perceived as contented and idyllic. Others are uncomfortable and heavy. Despite all, I look up. Calm and relaxed. I hope that these images could in some small way evoke the power of the self. That they may ignite a spark to realise that, in whatever difficult situations we may find ourselves in, it is always within our power to keep positive and pull ourselves up. It is good to remember that these are not the places that we have to remain lay, only the places that we have lain. 


Please see below for all of the images in the Lain series, and if you are not yet aware of Tender and the brilliant work that they do, check out their website

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