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eBay Images (2022, ongoing)

Appropriated eBay images of darkroom equipment, various printing methods

Work in progress


(Three subtitles to this work: Other people's things; Other people's things that you want but don’t need; Things you don’t need from people you don’t know)


In my work I often use the same images over and over again. Paterson images of obsession, and images from other source sites that I often explore (whose primary function is not to provide me with images, but copyright is surrendered under posting). 


Within this work I still focus and reflect on consumption and satisfaction, explored through photographic objects and products. However, this phase of the work digs further down into material forms and printing processes. 


Focussing on value; how something is valued to someone; market value of art; how objects can be valued more because of their artistic contexts, or the necessity for cheap reproduction methods for mass printing and producing.


The source images are objects of desire to me, but they are things I don’t need, from people I don’t know. And I still have the same feelings that I did over 2 years ago, where I fell in love with a picture of a thing, thinking I loved the thing, but really I loved the picture. 


Making these images is a kind of therapy to me. Quenching my never ending consumer thirst for things. Each time I find an image of a desirable object, I embark on the journey of bringing it physically into my possession. Possessing it instead on a sheet of darkroom paper, or inkjet, or thermal. So long as it comes to me, my satisfaction is lived. 

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