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The Sea's Weeds (2020)

A6 silver gelatine prints on fibre based paper, printed with seawater

'The Sea’s Weeds' is a photographic documentary project exploring material and process. 'The Sea’s Weeds' have been printed in their sea waters, creating a direct relationship with the life of the subject, and its life within the photograph.


The work opens up a conversation around the power of Photography, asking - what happens to an object when it is photographed?


Considering the shift that photographed objects can experience, are they thought about in a higher regard? With more value? Do they become immortalised? We can also contemplate the changes that photographic objects themselves experience, when they are placed into fine-art contexts.


With the control that Photography allows, to view the trivial, sometimes overlooked, in new ways, can allow the space for those articles to become their own objects of considered beauty.

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