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Interested in analogue processes and equipment, Lauren plays in its crossovers with the digital world. Using the camera, or anything with a similar function, she attempts to draw attention to the overlooked, questioning why things are the way that they are. 


Attracted to popular culture and archive material, Lauren amalgamates her documents with appropriated resources to create the works. The process translates medium specificities, often in rigorous (somewhat pointless) ways. Digital pieces move backwards, only to come forwards again. Analogue works join with the screen, then to be rendered back into tactile pieces.

Lauren holds a BA in Photography from The University of Brighton (2017-2020).

b.1994 in Coventry (UK), she is now a Brighton based artist. 



2022 The Garden of Loss and Triumph, Group exhibition at NDSM Fuse Amsterdam (NL).

2020 The Art of Isolation, Group exhibition at Unit 38 Surrey Quays (UK).

2020 .. .. 86 (Part of Photo Fringe), FCB Passenger Lounge, Brighton (UK).

2020 Each for Equal, Group exhibition at Edward Street Galleries, Brighton (UK).

2020 Tender, Charity Group exhibition at Deptford Does Art, London (UK).

2019 Odd is Not the Right Word, Group exhibition at The Marlborough, Brighton (UK).

2019 Surveillance, Group exhibition at The Harris Gallery, Bolton (UK).

2019 Cinesthesia, Group exhibition at Edward Street Galleries, Brighton (UK).



2020 The UoB Art & Media Online Graduate Show

2020 Photo Fringe Take/Make

2020 Door to Door (UK & Europe)



2020 Open 20 Moving Image



2020 Ownership and longing regarding objects of desire, for Brighton Artists Network Root Sessions (online).  



2020 The Photographers Gallery InstaGrad

2020 The University of Brighton Graduates Blog

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