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The Awkward Feminine (2018)

A3+ Pigment Prints on Semi Gloss Paper

The Awkward Feminine is a series of self-portraits that were inspired by an article from 2016 by writer Eugenie Shinkle. The article ‘The Feminine Awkward: Graceless Bodies and the Performance of Femininity in Fashion Photographs’ provoked my image responses to this concept. These images explore the unattainable ideals and expectancies of women, using myself as the subject. 


The term ‘ˈFeminist’ comes super charged these days. This work is not to segregate, but to bring to light realistic standards of women. By controlling the moments of taking my full body portraits, I had the freedom to choose to photograph the times in-between the usual expectancies of image conventions. I made selective choices to photograph what the viewer might like to see of me, ‘un-posed’ and ‘un-ready’, rather than what what I would rather you to see. A more put together version. We all have these in-between moments. 


The Awkward Feminine is a playful response of performance studio self-portraiture to highlight the imperfections. The in-between moments where it’s okay not be perfect. And be awkward. And be Feminine.

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